Waycred Automotive Products

Private Label Services

At Waycred Automotive Products, we offer private label services for 5L bottles in a 4 x 5L case. Customizing bottle and cap colors, along with designing a label, provides businesses with a unique branding opportunity. Additionally, Waycred only uses premium API Approved Lubricants that meet modern standards is our commitment to quality.
Adding a private label lubricant offering to your existing product portfolio can indeed be a strategic business move, provided that it aligns with your overall business goals and target market. Here are some potential advantages and considerations:

1.Brand Extension: Expanding into lubricants under your own brand can extend your brand's recognition and increase customer loyalty. Customers who trust your brand are more likely to choose your lubricant as well.
2.Cross-Selling: Lubricants are often complementary products to the main equipment. Offering lubricants alongside your primary products can encourage cross-selling, boosting overall sales.
3.Control Over Quality: By producing your own lubricants, you have greater control over product quality, ensuring that they are specifically formulated for your equipment and meet your brand's quality standards.
4.Higher Margins: Private labeling lubricants can result in higher profit margins compared to selling third-party products, as you can set your own pricing strategy and reduce reliance on middlemen.
5.Competitive Edge: Having your own lubricant line can differentiate you from competitors who don't offer such complementary products, potentially attracting new customers.

In summary, adding private label lubricants to your product portfolio can be a smart move if done strategically. It can enhance your brand, increase sales, and offer value to your customers. However, it requires thorough planning, research, and quality control to be successful.

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